Sacred Stories of Stormy the Bear ?

Prayers of Healing and Protection
He sits at the Doorway, a consoling presence
At the entrance of the Children’s Tipi
A symbol of resilience and restoring Innocence
A comforting companion, Bear medicine
Traveling with spirits to the stars bringing
Our Children Home ???

Stormy came to us as a surprise from Creator. It was love at first sight from the moment We saw him. He found his home with the Children’s lodge to Honor our little ones lost and found in mass unmarked graveyards of Indian Boarding Schools. The Orange little Tipi tells their story in a different way. That We are still here and they will Never for Forgotten.

Unexpectedly, we came upon several baby Cubs… and knew Creator wanted US to share the gift of this love with our Children. When the spirit moves, a child bonds with Stormy (and with her mamas permission) we were able to gift her (and her little sister) a little bear.

The Imperial Beach Pow Wow carried a beautiful spirit for the Commmunity. We raised the Lodges creating a safe space for the children to play.

The littles ones offered water and tobacco praying the bones (poles) In before she was skinned. After they were given the responsibility to create the prayer altar inside the tipi. It spoke to our heart as we came to understand it is with the precious hearts of Children today that we see ourselves in the healing of trauma from the passed. We see the mending of the Sacred hoop happening giving visibility to passed unspeakable crimes by acknowledging they did happen, yet finding in our resilience, a Sacred way forward.

We hope to share With you the beauty of the Day.
and how a little bear can bring so much Goodness.

When I asked what she named her little companion.
she replied …. THUNDER BEAR ?